Use your domain as the business email, together with your self built website

Site Builder Connect / Cloud Email Plan
域名連接 / 雲端電郵計劃


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  • This plan includes connected your domain name to the Site Builder Account (One Time DNS Setup Service) or select to use our Cloud Email Service.
  • Apply this plan in conjunction with your Site Builder upgrade plan. Please upgrade the plan of your own site builder respectively. (Applicable for Wix / Weebly / Shopify)

  • 計劃包括連接您的域名至 Site Builder 賬戶 (一次性DNS設置服務) 或選擇使用本公司提供的雲端電郵服務。
  • 本服務必需配合您的 Site Builder 升級計劃,請自行申請您現時的 Site Builder 升級服務計劃。(適用於 Wix / Weebly / Shopify)