– How to choose Web Hosting Services

Some web hosting companies advertise “unlimited” use of space and bandwidth in their service plans. However, from a technical point of view, majority of the web hosting services operate with a shared server. Even assuming only 1% of clients may use the network’s bandwidth and storage infinitely (e.g. storing large amounts of videos for online streaming service), it will still affect the operation of the server, resulting in other users’ web pages slow in response or delaying in receipt of e-mails. This situation is pretty much like what we heard about online survey in Hong Kong some time earlier, or a large number of people heading to the online store to buy the latest models of mobile phones. The enormous traffic generated to the same server at the same time, making the bandwidth and server resources both reached the highest threshold, thus leading to network delays or server stops responding. These networking issues, most regrettably, may be caused by one of the same web hosting company’s customer.


Question of the day: Why some web hosting companies claim to provide unlimited network services as their propaganda, however when they lease the facilities of data centres there are terms and restrictions in respect to the bandwidth and power supply?


In fact, as a responsible web hosting company, one should ensure equitable use of server resources for every client and well maintain the stability of network. We believe that those companies which are more focused on the quality of network will not advertise “unlimited service” to attract customers (except customer requires dedicated server). In selection of web hosting company and their products, one should take into account the network stability, credibility and reputation of the company as the top criteria.


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