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Cloud Based Dedicated Servers

Customers are now worry-free with our “One-stop Cloud Server Solutions”. We manage everything from planning, set up, software and cloud application installations, system upgrade and maintenance.  Our experienced technical specialists continuously monitor your server performance for you. You can increase your server capability at anytime you need to meet sudden high demand.  At a reasonable cost, customers can now save more time and resources with Google Cloud Engine for greater performance and reliability.



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Service Plans (專用雲端伺服器計劃) Are Coming Soon!





Other than the settings of some particular hardwares or softwares, all cloud server plans are setup fee inclusive on a preliminary basis. There are no other hidden charges.


Terms of Service:

Hkright Network is not responsible for any claims, losses, damages, complaints or legal liabilities caused by any software, programs and copyright issues installed by the customer in the cloud server.