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Before setting up your mail client program, please login to your “Direct Admin”: OR ; create new e-mail name and setup password:

POP / IMAP Email Settings

Mac Mail is a “POP & IMAP” email program installed in macOS. The following settings may also apply to other macOS e-mail programs or versions.

Now, please follow the red arrow to select and set up the macOS Mail program.



Start up Mac Mail

>Click on the [Mail] drop-down menu located at the top left corner of the desktop.









* Now please test your Mac Mail for sending and receiving e-mail *

Setup completed


Advanced Port Setting
Hong Kong / Others
POP3 (Port)
110 (Default)
110 / 995 SSL
SMTP (Port)
587 (Default)
25 / 587 / 1025 / 2025 / 465 SSL
IMAP (Port)
143 (Default)
143 / 993 SSL