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Hkright Network sincerely recommends the latest diy_icon_sDIY Web Design Platform (version 2.16.2).  While being consistent with all the great features and yet simple to use, we have now upgraded the platform by using local enterprise servers. From now on access to your self-built website is no longer delayed due to distant servers, and when people browse your DIY website in China, Hong Kong or overseas the load speed will be highly optimized.

In addition, the new version is enhanced with more beautifully designed templates and powerful advance features, enabling you in customizing your own professional and impressive website.


diy_icon_sThe platform is best used with Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Main Features

Item Function / Features
Website Data Storage Local Server
Website Template More than 190 (Responsive Design) Website Templates
Webpage Limit Unlimited (Based on Hosting Storege)
User Guide Build-in multilingual step by step user guide
Language Support 31 Languages Supported
Editing Function Drag & Drop (WYSIWYG) Website Editor Try Now
Mobile Support Individual adjustment of webpage structure for Wide Screen, Desktop, Tablet and Smartphones
Mobile Editing Mobile devises editing supported
Website Menu Customize website menu and settings
Website Favicon Website favicon upload supported: favicon.ico
Advance Features Customize Web page background, Images, Gallery, YouTube, Skype, Flash, AdSense and HTML
Web Form Customize webform fields and style
Online Map Support Google Map
Social Network Support Facebook,Google+,Twitter,Flickr
Search Engine Friendly Support Custom Meta Tag supported
Website Payment Function PayPal「Buy Now」button supported
Web Page Footer Style Custom web page footer text, logo, lable, and icon
Website Backup Offline website backup (Backup files are restored via Hkright DIY Web Design Platform only, and the backup files are neither applicable in other format of web hosting or other DIY web design platforms)
Technical Support General enquiry and DIY platform / Email support:

 Service Plan

Plan Code  DIY Only DIY1 DIY2
Monthly average HK$68 HK$140 HK$200
Yearly Fee HK$816 HK$1,680 HK$2,400
Shared Storage (Website/Email) 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 10 GB 30 GB 60 GB
FTP Account
Email Function
Email Account 10 30
SPAM Filters
SMTP / POP3 Support
IMAP4 / Port143 (Push Mail)
Multi Language Webmail
Online Email Management
Email Forwarders
(ie. Forward email copy toYahoo Mail or Gmail)
Email Autoresponders
Email Quota Adjustable
iOS / Android Supported
Email Setting Guide (Outlook, iphone, Android)
High Speed SMTP Port for China
Online Platform
DirectAdmin Eng (Lite)  Eng (Lite) Eng (Lite)
DIY Web Design Platform Connected Multi Language Multi Language Multi Language
Site Redirection
Network Standard
24/7 Network Monitoring
Hardware Firewall
UPS Power Backup
RAID1 Data Protection
Daily Data Backup (Website Data)
Monthly Data Backup (Full Backup) 1st day of every month /Keep 30 Days 1st day of every month /Keep 30 Days 1st day of every month /Keep 30 Days

 1 Year Domain (Up to HK$250)

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Save your time by joining our web design service using the DIY Web Design Platform. We are happy to build your website according to your needs.

DIY Web Design Platform Basic Web Design Package / Price: HK$4,800 (5 Pages)

Package Includes:

  • Customize and edit the website using the templates provided in our DIY Web Design Platform based on original layout and structure
  • Editing free images provided by the platform, incorporating other copyright free images or using other images/videos provided by clients
  • Embedding the Company Logo
  • Content or text input, organize and optimize
  • Social Networking connection and basic settings
  • Editing the mobile version of the website
  • Incorporating online forms
  • Embedding your favicon.ico
  • Integrating Google Map to your website
  • Basic settings of Meta Tags for search
  • Upon completion of website, 1 time free content revision within the first month (based on the principle of not affecting the structure of the site)


  • Package includes 1 single language. For Fonts other than English like Chinese or simplified Chinese are only available in one kind and cannot be changed
  • Each additional language is subject to 30% of total expenses (translation not included)
  • Clients to provide Company Logo, text content, videos and images in digital forms
  • Template cannot be changed once selected
  • Special features or visual effects are to be charged
  • Design Package does not include the site’s source code files

Yearly Fee:

  • Design Package does not include domain names and DIY Web Design Platform annual fee. To register the service, click the link below to apply:




*To learn more about the design package based on this platform, please feel free to contact us.
Tel: (852) 3611 8332     Email:


Terms of Use

  1. Prior to the use of any online resources, please gain a full understanding of the law relating to copyright information. [Hkright Network] will not be responsible for any copyright infringements or has any legal liability to such or provide any assistance to all of the information/ links set by customers.
  2. Due to operational requirement all websites must be powered by [Hkright Network]’s proprietary system. Regardless of the sites are built by customers or via [Hkright Network], the customer shall not possess the site’s source code files.
  3. Clients shall understand websites built via (DIY Web Design Platform) provided by [Hkright network] that all associated web pages and downloads or backup files, are neither applicable in other format of web hosting nor to re-use, transform, converse, publish or display on other DIY web design platforms.